How do I use the screenshot button in Prowise Presenter?

In this knowledge base item we explain how to make use of the current screenshot button. This concerns the so-called annotation functionality. With this you could write on your screen with, for example, method software or other files, this functionality is included in the desktop app of Prowise Presenter, but not in the web version. By using the screenshot button and we will explain how you can use this.

This functionality requires the Google Chrome browser, which you can download here.

Open Presenter by going to

  • When it's loaded, you'll see a button with a camera at the bottom left of the screen. Click this button.
  • Agree to the requested permissions (to allow screen recording).
  • Select one of your monitors (if you have more than one monitor connected), an open application or a Chrome tab.
  • Click 'Share', the screenshot will be automatically pasted into your presentation.
  • If you chose a different Chrome tab, the browser will automatically jump to that tab. Click the Presenter tab again to return to your presentation.


    It may be that you only need part of the screenshot, so you can easily crop it. This is how you do it:

  • Activate Edit mode on the toolbar.
  • Click on the screenshot.
  • Click above the image on the edit button and then on "Crop image".


    The screenshot button is a functionality that currently replaces part of the annotation function. Our aim, however, is to implement the entire annotation function in Presenter 10 in the same way as in Presenter 9.